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PC and Laptop Repair

A report by Computers House

This is a PC and Laptop Repair article prepared for you by Computers House to help you whenever your computer fails and to help prevent your computer from crashing. Your computer requires regular upkeep. This informative guide provides tips about computer upkeep to help avoid your computer crashing. A failing computer can produce a "blue screen of death" and even shut itself off.

Antivirus Software.

Installing a good anti-virus program can prevent the demand for computer repair, this software is a reasonably inexpensive and efficient way to prevent adware, spyware and viruses from accessing your computer. If any of these do get into your computer, they will make it much slower with files possibly being erased and it's also possible for hackers to see what you do when you are on-line, etc. A number of well-known antivirus programs that we at Computers House will suggest work effectively.

Running too many programs

It may be luring to search on the internet via a browser, listen to music via music software, using graphic design software for creating images that you want to insert in an open Word document to make the text look a little more interesting. The problem is that the more your system does, the more likely it is to crash and require repair. In order to prevent the need for repair, just open the windows that you need. Keeping your computer clean and free of dust will greatly benefit it.

Cleaning your computer

While cleaning the outside of your machine will make it look nice and shiny, cleaning the internals of your computer can help prevent the need for repair.

Defragmenting your hard drive

Perform a disk defragmentation which is built into most operating systems. Running this program will arrange your files correctly on your hard drive which can help your computer to run quicker. If you have not defragmented your computer before then it could take a while.

Freeing up hard drive space

Make use of an external storage device for those important documents, pictures and files that you rarely use so that you can free up some space. Bring it to us at Computers House if you have any worries.

In general

Don't download files, cracks and serial numbers from illegal websites or the serial numbers from your computer may well appear on on those sites at a later date (after all, where do you think those serial numbers came from?).

E-mail attachments from senders you do not trust can contain all kinds of malicious software.

Stay clear of media that you are unsure of the content of as any number of infections could be lurking on them.

If you suspect that you have picked up a virus from somewhere or something the it is better to talk to a technician face to face rather than go searching the internet for a cure as a good number of “cure all” websites are set up to catch you out and make matters much much worse.

PC and Laptop Repair article prepared for you by Computers House

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